Thursday, May 31, 2007

Outstanding gedanate

I was looking around for some footage for a couple of articles that are coming down the pipeline regarding kuzushi (unbalancing) and happo no kuzushi (Kodokan's 8-directional offbalance exercise) when I came across this OUTSTANDING demonstration of gedanate (also called sokumen iriminage) done by a Shotokan guy. I think this video is worth delaying the kuzushi articles for and I think my buddies that do Chinese martial arts (Dojo Rat, Northstar, BlackTaoist) might find it interesting in light of their recent Single Whip discussion. Stay tuned to find out what I think about the role of kuzushi in aikido/judo as well as some modifications to the classic Happo no Kuzushi demonstration that actually make it a useful learning exercise.

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