Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are you sure?

Boxers, do you think you could hit these guys enough?
Any TKD folks out there want to kick them?
Aikidoka, how long could you evade them?
Karateka, how about a one-punch kill?
Judoka, could you throw an an ippon?
BJJ guys, think you could tap them?
Bagua? Savate?
When it comes down to it, would you even be sure if you had a knife?

Maybe? Maybe not. It's worth thinking about.


  1. The thing I remember most about wrestling at school was the conditioning. Fantastic conditioning.
    I was a big upper-body throw guy, I wonder how my strategy would be different if I had learned push-hands at the time?....

  2. We've got some wrestlers who attend our Judo club. Those guys are immensely powerful. Randori with them is like taking the bull by the horns...you basically try and hang on while they toss you around.

    I think as far as style-for-style matchup goes, it's the BJJ guys who tend to have the best chance. At least, until the wrestlers get wise to detecting submissions coming.

  3. I don't feel that any empty hand guy would want a piece of a catch wrestler. They are strong, quick, and they use "bag of bones" simple realistic techniques. There are no complex movements or kuzushi. They simply tear you appart. They definately do not want a tool user against them though, even if was a screw driver weilder. Any respectable martial artist will be willing to spar with a emptyhand guy, what if they had a sword, long knife, or even a 1 inch spyderco cricket..pipe..hammer etc.?


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