Friday, June 08, 2007

The boys are back in town

Tonight's class included Whit, Knox, and myself. We're about ready to re-start the kid's judo since teeball and 6-7 yo baseball is finished for the season, and We wanted to get Whit a head start so he could be a good example to the new heads on how stuff works in judo class.
We warmed up with some ROM and then ran laterals, diagonals, and circles in tsugiashi. We worked on rolling, doing the kneeling forward rolls and the standing kindergarden rolls where you put your hands and head on the ground between your feet and roll straight down the spine back to standing. Whit did pretty good on the kneeling roll, Knox didn't get it. They both did great on the kindergarden roll.
Then we played kneeling knockdown, using two lapels grip, arm and lapel, and arm and head hug. At the end we worked on kesagatame with me helping them get into position and the uke struggling out of the hold. Whit spontaneoudly invented the bridge&roll escape and Knox spontaneously invented the uphill escape. It was pretty cool.

Here are a couple of cool old vids of kids Whit's and Knox's age doing judo. Groovy 1960's music too...

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