Sunday, June 17, 2007

Filling in the edges

Today's was the last class of this ABG. We worked on kotetaoshi and maeotoshi from nijusan and the first two releases from yonkata. We played with kotetaoshi retreating down a line similar to hikitaoshi as a setup for maeotoshi. On yonkata #1 and #2, we worked on making the tori's motions as similar as possible to hanasu releases #1 and #3 - just on the inside of the arm. We also worked on these two releases at the previous ABG, but we had previously de-emphasized the down-up component of this diagonal spiral. Today we worked on the connection of this release motion (hanasu #1,3, yonkata 1,2) to the first turn in tegatana, including the vertical component. Works very nice.

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