Thursday, June 07, 2007

Martial prejudice

Chessman over at Formosa Neijia has written some articles recently about a series of run-ins he's had with Chinese martial artists in Taiwan who want to bust his chops for daring to practice this stuff when he's not Chinese himself. They apparently told him that he couldn't possibly have any real skill or understanding because of his nationality. He had to instruct them differently.
This kind of nutty prejudice reminds me of one of my old teachers who used to joke about people who think you can't enjoy good Chinese food unless you eat it using chop sticks.
Tonight I was surfing and came across this quote. Says it all...
As for those people who say that a round-eye has no real right to even be teaching a classical Japanese martial art, much less changing or eliminating anything (either cultural or technical) pertaining to it, I would respond that, "When the Japanese stop teaching, and changing, American baseball, I will stop teaching bujutsu. (Fredrick Lovret, Budô Shinbun)

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