Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Measuring punching force

You've gotta love this video, whether it's for the gratuitous use of cool hi-tech equipment and imaging, or whether youre trying to learn to hit harder or defend against tough guys. Check it out...

The most interesting part is not that the boxer hits hardest, but how clean and effortless his form is compared to the others. The other guys make this look hard, which means that they are taking a lot of recoil from the target. The boxer appears effortless but look how much oomph he puts on that poor dummy!
Also particularly interesting is the cool graphic explanation of coup-contrecoup injury.

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  1. I think what really slowed the other folks was that they looked so pretentious. The boxing guy looked like he was having fun. They always preach to us that the punch comes from the foot. This guy was obviously doing that.


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