Saturday, June 02, 2007

Promote Three meme

Ok, there are these meme-things going around the blogopshere. Typically you have to tell 100 secrets about yourself or answer several interview questions about yourself or some such. I'm not into that and have avoided these memes up till now. I figured if I wanted to see a good meme floating around, I'd start it. So here it is - the Promote Three Meme - and here's how it works:
1) If someone tags you with this meme you'll say so and provide a link back to their blog in your post. Also provide a link back to this post, as the origin of the meme.
2) Look through the Martial Arts Toplist and find three blogs that are lower-ranked than your own. For these three blogs, you will post links and a short reason you think each blog is especially deserving of honors. Why you think they deserve more traffic than they are getting.
3) Send the owners of the three blogs a note telling them why you like their blog and that they've been honored with the Promote Three meme.
4) You may repeat this as many times as often as you think is necessary, with the same blogs or different ones. You may tag anyone in the Martial Arts Toplist, so long as they have several blogs ranked below them.
Here's my initial example:
I think the following blogs deserve honors, traffic, and link-love greater than they are getting:
Weakness with a Twist - for interesting content related to Chinese martial arts and partcularly for his interesting videoblog debates with the Black Taoist.
Martial Views - for the consistent ability to write reasoned, timely, topical essays, each of which generates an immense amount of commentary from his readers.
Black Belt Mama - for sheer variety and creativity in her content.

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  1. Thank you! Very sweet of you, and thanks for the nice comment over at my place too!


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