Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Second Annual, Best Ever ABG

Well, yesterday and today we've had our second Aiki Buddies Gathering at Magnolia. Yesterday we worked on the first six techniques of nijusan, demonstrating that the longer, more flowing nijusan versions of these techniques contain the shorter, more direct junana versions just like the ura concept contains the omote concept but not vice versa. Additionally, we saw that in each of the techniques 2-6, not only do they all contain the shorter within the longer, but the all contain #6 (oshitaoshi or omote ikkyo). You might even be able to say that each of the techniques contains all the other techniques. Take away points for this class:
  • The long, flowing, circular forms(ura) in nijusan contain the more abrupt forms (omote)from junana. Sometimes, though it doesn't hurt to practice the more direct junana versions so that you can recognize them within the nijusan.
  • A good attack from uke includes one committed, balistic motion from outside ma-ai to within touching distance, followed by a recovery and an attempt by uke to center on uke and get his hands up between uke and tori.
  • Throw uke's near hand behind your head and block the far bicep in gedanate
  • Hand randori sucked today - grip, grunt, and groan. Ground randori was better.

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