Friday, June 29, 2007

Silver Award

Hey, check this out! I just found out today that Mokuren Dojo has won the World Wide Web Awards Silver award for, "clean and organized design, user friendliness, quality content and informative information for visitors." I'll display it in the sidebar for y'all to admire.


  1. Hey Pat! Very nice!
    How's that bump on your head?
    Congratulations from Dojo Rat

  2. Thanks! I've sure learned a lot about having a good blog from you and Nathan and a couple of others.

    I still have a scab in my scalp and it is tender. I had a headache last night that I think was second-day soreness from the neck tension. 4 cups of coffee and 3 ibuprofen later I feel fine.

  3. Way to go, dude! Congrats. I want you to bring home gold next time, or you're in the dog house!


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