Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whit starting chain #1

Ok, Dojo Rat, you've been wanting to see some of our chains (flow drills). Here's the first piece of the first one (Chain #1). This is one of about ten starting places in our chains, and we use this motion relationship as a hook to connect chains of related techniques to. It's not the most exciting martial stuff you'll ever see, but having done some aikido, I'm sure you can see the potential and the direction we're going with this thing. To me, it looks similar to what I think I'm seeing in taichi push hands. There are also motions in the Bagua circle thingie that you and others have posted that crop up in our chains. more on that later...

That's my 6 year old, Whit doing the release.

Things to watch for:

  • tori evading off uke's centerline

  • tori turning to face uke with hands up

  • tori taking up a position in uke's dead angle (shikaku) behind the arm

  • pretty good unbendable arms for a 6 year old

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  1. Very nice! Young warrior training!
    I'll see if I can put one together for you guys this week also.


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