Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yeah! What they said!

For the past couple of days the Formosa Neijia dude has posted some interesting videos (see below) with some cool movement in them. He took a fair amount of grief from a couple of his commentators about the martial applicability of the motion in the videos. Well, I just wanted to jump in and say I think I see where Formosa dude is coming from in is discussion of the value of freeplay in martial arts. In fact, I posted a similar pair of posts a while back (see below) about contact improvisation and silk reeling. I think he's saying what I was fumbling around with in April. Dojo rat has also posted a couple of really interesting videos on some unusual but still valid and potentially valuable motion exercises.
If you're interested in motion for its own sake as well as martial applications of motion, I recommend this series of articles. I'd like to hear any comments from anyone who can put these various ideas together into a cohesive thing in their mind.

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  1. Since you know about contact improv, then you're probably tracking on what I'm saying. My teacher has specifically mentioned contact improv in this type of training and what it can bring to the table. Thanks for the link to that clip.

    Formosa Neijia


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