Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yesterday's afternoon class was a hodgepodge you-call-it class. Related to aikido we worked on Nijusan #6, 7, 10, 11, and 12. Take away points:
  • on oshitaoshi, fade around the end instead of doing tension-compression. feels slmost like tekubiosae (yonkyo) instead of oshitaoshi, but with a strong sense of releasing.
  • on udegaeshi, fade around the end in order to take their radial stylus (wrist knuckle) down the line away from them. Again, releasing feeling.
  • on wakigatame, enter as in shomenate, push the arm, pull the arm, push the arm. Great feeling of releasing instead of doing. On the goshinjitsu wakigatame, collide with uke and seek the line down which the two bodies want to fall. then get behind the arm on that line.
  • on udehineri, walk the ulnar styloid (the other wrist bone) up and in front of uke so that your two hands are not counter-pushing against each other.
  • on kotegaeshi, hold the lock to take the slack out, and just after footfall, enter, stretch down the line, or separate. Also, otoshi can become guruma easily if you stretch the step by separating centers.
In judo, we worked on various things, including nagenokata kataguruma, seoinage, sasae tsurikomiashi, and tsurikomi goshi. Various hints. We worked on making seoinage a true hand throw, like the kodokan book says it is. We also worked on various little adjustments to nagenokata that imprve tori's time efficiency in stepping, like pulling in on sasae tsurikomi ashi.
Needless to say, after this three-hour hodgepodge we were all knackered.

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