Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Avoid & evade

The other day I avoided a guy who rounded a blind corner coming at me fast. I was in the middle of a step – right at that critical point and I just stepped over the hill and slipped past him and was gone. I had my hands between us for a brush-off in case I couldn’t slip him, but I didn’t have to even touch him. And that response was a completely habituated reflex! I didn’t realize what I was doing until I was ten or fifteen feet away. I don’t even think he really understood what had just happened because people seem to just disappear when they walk over the hill on you. Pretty cool!

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  1. I love it when aikido "just happens." The closest experience that I've had that compares is a couple of unintended ukemi exercises. Side falls, backwards break falls, and even a bitchin' foward roll. Looking back on those experiences I realize that I must be kind of accident prone. lol.


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