Friday, July 13, 2007

The modern warrior

I realize this might be video overload, but these give an idea of what folks think a modern warrior is. Or maybe what the Military wants folks to think a warrior is. Or maybe even what the military thinks folks want to believe about warriors.
What do you see in these videos? What is the warrior spirit portrayed here?


  1. I think this goes nicely with what you posted on warriors and camaraderie. Every video shows a team doing something. Somehow all modern warriors seem to lack the nobility aspect of ancient warriors. I suppose that's because in the feudal system there was societal castes ensuring nobility but since (at least my) idea of the word warrior comes from there seems like it doesn't fit. Modern soldier yes, but not warrior. I think warriors have codes of ethics they followed along with orders and duties and that's what separates a warrior from a soldier. I'm not saying some soldiers aren't warriors, just that the videos seem to promise becoming a soldier, not a warrior. To me there's more to the definition of a warrior than a soldier.

  2. What does the government appeal to to get a eighteen-year-old kid to sign up for summer camp in Iraq?
    Teamwork -Blow things up with your buddies.
    Boredom- just think; there's some poor schmuck out there about to buy a mini van...
    Insecurity- I'm up here in my stealth bomber about to drop some bunker-buster bombs in a civilian neighborhood so my wife and kids will be safe...
    Sex- In the Ukranian video, my gun is bigger than his gun...

    What John Wood said fits with Heckler's "Warrior" book. We have slid somewhat past the warrior era, where men fought eye to eye. Soldiers follow orders, warriors balence judgement and make ethical calls as to their behaviour.

  3. Just agreeing with the crowd on this one. I guess i dont have anything more to say that those two haven't said more eloquently.
    cool, thread, pat.

  4. Hmmm..IMO....

    Theres a difference between being a soldier and a warrior...

    Theres a difference between "cultivating the warrior spirit" and actually BEING a Warrior....

  5. Sure, tgace - I don't disagree with you - but part of the purpose of this whole series on warrior spirit was to investigate what is the difference between the soldier and the warrior - between cultivating the warrior spirit and being a warrior.

    Is a warrior just a soldier with intent?

    or are firemen, policemen, etc... warriors?

    What about folks like Ghandi and MLK?

    I am interested in this idea of warriorship, but it seems a vague topic to try to lay hold of.


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