Friday, July 27, 2007

Promote Three

It's time for another Promote Three session. I think the following blogs deserve honors, traffic, and link-love greater than they are getting:
Amanda Shopa for an utterly fascinating day-to-day account of the ups and downs of living in Korea and learning taekwando. Thank you for sharing your life abroad with us.
Isshin Ryu Karate Bugei for interesting articles related to my favorite hard-style martial art. One of the most practical, applicable, common-sense approaches to traditional karate-do that I've ever seen.
Fist of the Red Rebel for a perspective on a martial art I don't hear much about, Wing Chun. I particularly like the attitude expressed in these guys' informal statement of purpose and mission in this article.


  1. That's a very nice thing you are doing, but I don't think the rankings on that list have anything to do with the quality of the blog. I've seen some much better blogs than mine have much lower rankings.

  2. I agree completely. the rankings are wierd and only have anything to do with traffic - and then it seems like it's only in a vague way.

    My idea is to pick three blogs that I especially like at the time for sme particular reason and poin people at them. I picked three lower ranked blogs simply to make it not a link-trading thing where I post "I like becky" and becky posts "I like pat".


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