Friday, August 24, 2007

Bear fight

Here's my contribution to Dojo Rat's post on the guy that got in a knife fight with a bear...

Incidently, the guy that posted this video is Rhadi Ferguson. Great judoka. Both a pleasure and a terror to watch. This is the guy that was doing the superb single leg picks (maybe teguruma) in the previous video. Wanna see some good judo? do a video search for 'Rhadi.'


  1. Hey! Since when did you Judo guys start chewing on each other???

    By the way, John at Martial views is following up on your discussion on Christians and martial arts. Lots of good comments!

  2. I guess you've never done judo in Mississippi if you've never seen chewing...

    I saw John's thread - I just havent gotten to comment on it. It's the sort of thing I especially like to think over before I post on...

    I figured you'd like that bear fight...

  3. Tyson must have watched this video.

    Eating children: it's not just for bears anymore.


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