Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Child's mouth taped shut at martial arts camp

WLBT News in Jackson Mississippi had this story on the TV just now.

Child's Mouth Taped Shut At Day Camp
By Julie Straw

A six year old had her mouth taped shut at a summer day camp in Rankin County. Her mother is outraged and pulled her children from the camp. She wants to warn parents to be aware of what is going on at day care.

Jennifer McLemore, mother of 12 year old Alex and 6 year old Amber, enrolled her children in Kimery Martial Arts summer day camp. She thought it would be a fun place for them to go while school was out.

...When they confronted coach Kevin Kimery of Kimery Martial Arts about what happened, she wasn't pleased by his response. "He said yes he'd seen the tape on her mouth and that he got onto the guy, but he didn't do anything about it. He just got onto him and made him take the tape off of her," said McLemore.

Kimery gave this statement to WLBT. "An incident did occur. Reprimands have been put into place. One employee was involved and has since been terminated. It is not our policy to punish children in the alleged manner."

You can read the whole story here. The phone book online has this blurb about Kimery Martial Arts

Over 25 yrs exp in Tae Kwondo Hapkido Self-Defense & other Martial Arts Offering pick up for ages 5-12 in after school classes

Nathan blogged recently about the necessity of keeping a tight leash on your assistant instructors in a martial arts program. I don't know anything about this Kimmery guy but it sounds like a classic case of what Nathan was talking about.

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  1. Thanks for the link Pat. Pretty serious subject. Your readers (instructors, owners, and parents alike) may also find this post on preventing sexual abuse in the martial arts helpful:


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