Monday, August 13, 2007

It's really okay

You know what is a funny phenomenon, not just in my class - I've talked to other instructors who have mentioned this. You might have a student who seems interested and dedicated for a while and then they stop coming or their attendance drops off. Well, when you see them on the street or at the grocery store they invariably tell you they have been busy but they are coming back to class this very week.
They never say, "I've lost interest." Or, "I don't like your class." Or, "My life has gone a different direction and I just can't do martial arts." It's always, "Yeah, I'll see you this week."
I suppose they are trying to avoid hurting the instructor (who obviously has an emotional investment in the art) or they are trying to avoid an uncomfortable conflict where the instructor asks, "Why don't you like my class anymore?" or something like that.
But it's really okay to tell the instructor something besides, "See ya next class." It really is.
(and no, this is not directed at any of my current students ;-)

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  1. Boy, oh boy... I hear this all the time also.
    In the Tai Chi class I teach I have stopped catering to the new students and focus on the ones that are dedicated and have been practicing for a while. I found this 1. draws the new students up to a higher level, 2. satisfies the students that are working hard and long, and 3. eliminates much of my frustration with the ocassional "drop in " student.


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