Friday, August 31, 2007

Jodo kata practice


  1. Sweet. Thanks for posting this one Pat. It'll give me something extra to work on while i'm incognitio. By the way, NICE music.

  2. I learned the Saito Sensei Subori, there are twenty. I'll review and try to post a video of them.
    Does your jo (length) reach from floor to just below arm pit?

  3. The jo that I use is one of the "standard" SMR Jodo staves. It is about 7/8" round and 128cm (51 inches and some change) long. Mine does not quite reach my armpit but I can comfortably palm both ends with the stick horizontal at belt level, which seems to be a more functional guideline for a good length.

  4. Very nice honte no kamae... the jo just pops right there and sticks. Good teacher.

  5. Thank you, Jack. That's very kind of you to find something nice to say about my low-level, primative practice. Thank you.

    It is tough because virtually all of my practice is solo-mode.


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