Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kotehineri and tenkai kotehineri

This week in aiki class we emphasized nikyu requirements, especially kotehineri and tenkai kotehineri (both variants of sankyo). We've been working on getting kotehineri out of situations where your backing around uke (tenkan) and uke and tori spin apart. This gives us a chance to practice the sidestep at the end of the line that has been so magical lately. We've also been emphasizing getting offline in hanasu and not articulating the elbow or wrist of the unbendable arm - just taking hold of what we can and working with what we get. Thursday we worked on chain #2 and today we worked on chain #3. For the cool techniques of the day we worked on the tenkai kotehineri from sankata and on the seventh and fourteenth techniques of yonkata.

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