Thursday, August 02, 2007

New martial arts club in Orlando Florida

Hi, all, This is just a short plug for my student's blog. He is in the process of starting up a university club in Orlando and I'd sure appreciate it if y'all would all drop by his site and leave a comment with any wisdom that you might have on making a new club work. Thanks.


  1. Hi, Patrick

    Is this young person working under a Sensei (San-dan or higher level)?

    I do not recommend anyone at his level opening a club with out direct supervision from one who has the experience and so on.

    I tried to leave a comment on his blog site but it requires I subscribe to a live feed.

  2. John is actually nkkyu, not sankyu like his blog says. I realize that is not traditionally considered instructor rank, but the whole rank thing is vague at best anyway.

    He is working with me, a godan. John also has state-level support from instructor-level aiki folks that are within a couple hours drive of his location.

    University clubs in America are often started by brown belts and these clubs often flourish for years, with the students geting first-class introduction to martial arts. I think John's motive is noble - that is, to do the legwork to attain the logistic support (i.e rom and mats) from the university so that he can get more folks to practice with him.

    I also know from watching him that John has the skill and wisdom to safely show folks the fundamentals at white and yellow and green belt levels.


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