Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shomenate and oshitaoshi

Tonight was a lovely aikido class with Kel and I working on releasing into throws, shomenate, and oshitaoshi (the omote form directly off of the Nijusan offbalance). Because there were only two of us, we got to work repetitions in rapid succession and spent almost half the class on each of these two techniques. Good exercise. Vigorous. Sweaty.


  1. Yes, very sweaty. I was also pleased to learn that sensei Pat is not a Gi fanatic, at least not during the summer months in Mississippi!-Kel

  2. That's right. In my humble opinion, wearing an oven mitt (as Andy calls it) especially with a skirt on top of that in Mississippi in the summer is dumb.

    That's a prescription to shorten your training time due to heat exhaustion or worse. There's also no reason to make aikido so un-enjoyable that folks hate to come.


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