Friday, August 24, 2007

What they take away

I really like seeing my students’ blogs, like Andy’s Epic Ramble. It’s good to be able to see what they take away from each class. For instance, last night we talked about one of the initial offbalances in nijusan. I have been thinking about it lately as giving uke the feeling of hanging out over a hole on his toes without giving him extra support. If you can do this then uke is forced to slow way down, even if he was intent on attacking fast. Well, Andy phrased it in his blog as leaving uke “idling on his toes.” I love it. Great description.
We worked on oshitaoshi (ikkyo), kotehineri (sankyo), and kotegaeshi and followed up with some work on chain #4 (primarily kotegaeshi and kotehineri) as a lead-in to randori.

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  1. Hey Pat, i'm going to have to bow out of class this weekend. Something family related came up. Hope to see you next weekend.


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