Sunday, September 23, 2007

Forward and backward rolls

Alright, here's a demonstration of two forms of ukemi (falling). What do you guys think of it? I'd like some specifics to discuss. What do you think is excellent about these two forms? What needs work or rethinking? Is this level of refinement on these two skills sufficient or should one continue to strive to improve these two basic forms? Are these two forms good ones to teach a beginner?


  1. It's very fluid and he seems relaxed but isn't the foot tuck a no no? I noticed that the big differance from our current way of doing it is he bends his knee as he goes forward. As far as a specific, isn't he taking all of the "fall" out of his forward rolls by doing that? I may be wrong but i get the impression that a beginner's ukemi would grow to be less automatic and more a prepared thing by doing that and that could be bad since most falls aren't something to plan for. I may have gone off in left field on that.

  2. Boy, I wish my rolls looked that effortless. I also noticed the foot tuck right away. Doesn't seem to make the roll any lesser


  3. foot tuck is dangerous -- he's smooth but also very "posed"-- this falling only goes so far then you need exposure to being thrown completely beyond your own control once a player gets there, falls are much more a natural part movement

  4. That's sorta the idea i was trying to describe thought not that well. It seems more like he's just crouching into it, like at any moment he could just pause. Pat has us make our forward rolls by moving untill there's a point of no return and then going beyond it into a roll. It definately creates a sense of being beyond your control!

    The only thing i can say for a beginner, still being one myself, is that our way creates this thing in your mind akin to a leap of faith and that's a hard thing to overcome. Facing a "fear" of falling, especially forward towards your noggin, is one of the most un-natural feeling things we come across in our practice. Atleast from my standpoint.

    I think that the crouch he rolls into especially at the point where his leg is extended out in front of his center gives the person a better "guide" when it comes to having your upper body in the right position of the roll. It creates that same gap between the legs that we get when we roll forward on the floor. Maybe it'd be a litte easier for a newbie to digest.

    Just my two cents.

  5. I loved that guys backward rolls. By keeping his arms somewhat rigid and keeping a natural arc to his body he'd come right up to his feet. That never happens in real life for me.

    We don't talk about it much, but it's big to move the head to the side and this guy didn't even seem do it all.

    I'm jealous of course.


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