Saturday, September 08, 2007

Judo, baby!

Yeah! This is a fantastic judo video. I'd love to be there playing with them. How could anyone in the world not think that this is the most fun sport around?

Though, I'll have to admit, I bet it's hard to catch a fish anywhere around there after a good practice!


  1. That was pretty good. Actually, I was waiting for one of them to end up in the lake. And that Pink Floyd track goes good with it, I haven't heard that one in a while.

  2. Wow.

    Very nice video.

    I was waiting for them to go in the water too. Seems like a very good motivation to stay ON the platform!

    Charles C Goodin Sensei has a good point on that in his weblog too. Might want to read it. (falling from a cliff)


  3. Yeah, There were a couple of throws that I was sure uke would end up in the water. or smashing the hell out of a foot on the boards on the edge of the pier. I read Mr. Goodin's article but hadn't thought about it when I saw this video. Your exactly right, though. I think the rules about the competition boundaries have been softened in judo lately, but this is very much promoting staying IN the practice area! Good training knowing what is around you and where your throw is going to place uke too.


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