Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oshitaoshi, kaitennage, and hikitaoshi

You know, Rob is one tough dude. He has spent a significant part of his time for the last 8-10 years lifting weights and working out. And what's worse, he's used to rolling with people who want to break his arms and choke him. He's comfortable in that environment. Tonight we mostly fought each other to a standstill, or to phrase it in 'bear' terminology, we took some good bites out of each other but nobody got eaten. I got him to submit once in a tateshihogatame (north-south hold) and once in something else (maybe tateshihogatame) and he got me once with a toehold which was really just a painful calf muscle compression (but I tapped) and he got me with a jaw-crushing choke of some sort. I was proud that I was able to roll smoothly out of one jujigatame at the end and end up on top crushing him.
In aikido we started with releases and worked on the fast-direct oshitaoshi, followed by hikitaoshi and kaitennage. For a while we also worked chain #7, delving into the relationships between oshitaoshi, kaitennage, and hikitaoshi. I got some video and I'll try to get it uploaded soon.

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