Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rhadi video clip

A while back I mentioned Rhadi Ferguson in a couple of posts. Here is a really good video excerpt from one of his seminars. He has a lot of great stuff to say here. Pay attention.


  1. What a load of rubish, never heard such dribble which was boring and bore no real relavance to judo. In no way could this video inspire, enhance or educate anyone interested in good judo.

  2. I have just watched a video of this man at judo competition, he has absolutely no judo technical ability, all he did was to grab his opponents legs and you do not need any skill in order to do that. As a Japanese trained judoka, it was embassing to watch and he should his instructor because he does not represent a good judo player with skillful technique, he is more or a poor wrestler than a good judoka.

  3. I think this is one of those instances where the word judo doesn't even need to be involved. The things he discussed are more universal, they're things that apply to everyday life. Say what you will about his ability in judo but his outlook comes from a person who has definately learned from life. No one can can make you a judo "master". There's not a training method out there that can guarantee you a win especially if your time in class is all you rely on. Training perserverance outside the dojo (and inside for that matter) is what counts. Fighting against that frustration he's talking about. Traveling to some mountain top in japan just because the teacher is "at the top" won't make a difference if it's not what you want or believe in.

    That "fire" and desire to show up, to keep going, is what's worth it. And if you don't have that desire to do it, then it's time to let it go. Doesn't just apply to judo, but then again my judo experience is limited.

    "If you could go back..and redo or change anything what would that be?"

    "Nothing. I appreciated the up's and the downs. I even liked not going to the olympics."

    Good stuff i thought.

  4. Gee, JRC and anonymous dude, It's probably a good thing that you posted anonymously because those sorts of blatantly inflammatory comments made toward an olympic athlete are just the sort of thing to make folks think you're idiots. And I'd hate for someone to mistake you 'Japanese-trained' masters of 'real judo' for idiots.

  5. I learned the same exact judo when I was a beginner at the age of 7 that you did.

    Everyone has a different style. Some styles are pretty, some as you say are ugly, but the bottom line is this, some work and some don't.

    Some of the prettiest judo styles, had ZERO effect on me. Granted I lost some matches, but I've won plenty too. And what I learned over the years is that elite level judoka really spend more time on the things off the mat than those things on the mat. There are a plethora of things that must be done if you are going to be a successful judo player, those are the things that I want to share in my coaching pursuits.

    And remember, this is a trailer, for a reason. The *meat* of the product is only available after the purchase, just like anything else.

    Take care.


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