Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tae Bo for Chris

Here's one for Chris, who commented on TaeBo on my last post. I'm planning to implement this workout immediately (as soon as I can find a 110 pound Russian girl) in all my classes, and I pitty the poor fool who doesn't have the opportunity to train at Mokuren Dojo.


  1. Watch out Osama, cause we've got a crescent kick with your name on it!

  2. If you start doing this, I'm so there. I've never tried a pirouette in juggling yet, so I'd love to learn.

    The "punching bag", I could probably do.

    Maybe I'll get my wife to substitute for the Russian gymnast when the Dr. gives me clearance to start using the arm again.

  3. "... And Remember, If you feel faint or light-headed - You're just not working hard enough!"

    I think I have a new 'Quote of the Month"


  4. Hey!!

    I want to bench press a girl in a bikini too!

  5. Yeah, always one looking to improve my workout routine, I went down to Sportmart and picked up a 110lb Russian Girl... ya know, to work on my 'bench press.'

    -My wife made me take her back!

    I guess she didn't buy the "Honey, it's-just-for-my-workout" excuse.


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