Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gokyu and yonkyu rank requirements

Last night we had another well-attended aikido class. Perhaps our recent slump in attendance is turning around. We worked on tegatana, emphasizing the last movement, sometimes called “polishing the mirror.” With partners we practiced using this movement in a variety of offbalances in which tori’s part includes a turn, a centered push forward, and a body drop. From there, we moved into hanasu, emphasizing the “stepping over the hill” evasion and the same-hand-stuck-foot structure in technique #1. For the rest of class we worked on nijusan #1-6. So last night’s class pretty much constituted all of the gokyu and yonkyu requirements. I’m looking forward to this great group of aikidoka going forward together.


  1. Hola Sensei.

    I was just wondering what you were going to teach at the clinic next month. Usher-san mentioned that it would probably include aikido, judo, and jodo, but I, in my infinite curiousity, was wondering about the specifics. Oh yeah, who all from your dojo is coming?


  2. Several possible lessons include:
    1) aiki brush-off
    2) sidestep at the end of the line as a way to tie together oshitaoshi, hikitaoshi, udegaeshi, and kotegaeshi.
    3) releases, yonkata, and owaza
    4) fundamentals of tearing apart a hold-down and other groundwork goodness.

    I was actually planning on making Usher et al. teach me some jodo while I am there.

    Looks like it could be several of us - myself, Kel, P4, Rob, maybe Jill...

  3. awesome-- i cant wait. We all look foward to seeing you guys and learning from you. Oh yeah, give Clan Parker my greetings.



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