Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mastery of the Art of The Profound Quote

If you like the rotating quote bar at the bottom of this page, check it out again. I have added a pile of new quotes to the database. Refresh the page to get a new one.
I'm a sucker for good martial arts related quotes, so if you know a good one post it in the comments below.
UPDATE - now the quote bar is at the top of this page - not the bottom.


  1. "Perfection is a road, not a destination." --Chiun, Destroyer series.

    I especially like the quote about only a warrior chooses pacifism, others are condemned by it. Although I don't understand "The heart of the Jo is an arrow", I'd understand if it was "The heart of the Bow is an arrow"

  2. Forgot about these two: "Pride is not the opposite of shame, but only its root"
    "Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice"
    I have no idea who said them.

  3. My favorite martial arts quote of all time from a fictional source is from Fist of the North Star:

    "Power without Perception is spiritually useless and therefore, of no true consequence."

    Some folks like Star Wars quotes. Some folks like Dune quotes (like "Fear is the mind killer.") but for my money, this quote from Fist is the best.

    As for the jodo quote - it points out (pun intended) that the tip of the weapon is really the only "weapon" part of it. The jo is a 1 inch long weapon on the end of a 4 foot long handle. As such, one of its' strengths is thrusting - lengthwise - just like an arrow flies. Thus, the jo is, in its heart of hearts, an arrow


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