Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nage no Kata

Don't know if this will work because I've had trouble in the past embedding Google videos inside a (Google) Blogger blog. Don't know why they are not compatible with themselves, but... Here goes...
This is a demonstration of the first kata of Judo, Nage no Kata (The forms of Throwing). This kata is required for demonstration at Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan levels, and is intended to be a broad demonstration of a large sample of the throwing principles in Judo. This is a particularly good demonstration of the exercise.
[DRAT! Didn't work. You can link to the video here.]


  1. That is the damnest walze I've every scene. Seriously, I didn't know Judo had a Kata but having to do it with another person makes me think of Bunkai. Very cool - it looks like it goes through every basic move?

  2. Judo has seven 'official' kata, most folks only ever get a lot of practice in 1-2 of them and some folks get a good bit of practice in 3-4 of them. It's a rare bird who gets enough practice time in all seven. I agree that the japanese formality in the kata is silly and funny-looking, like a waltz. If you thought that was wierd, check out the next video I posted - Katame no kata.

    They may look silly but they are difficult and good exercise and a good teaching method and they take a LOT of skill to do at the level demonstrated in these videos.


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