Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New shodan in Seattle

Congratulations to the author of the Aiki in Seattle blog. He recently demonstrated for shodan and passed. He posted an excellent set of videos from his demo and I'd say that they are all quite good, but the real hallmark of excellence was his suwariwaza. Check out the video below...

Some observers might say the demo was too slow or that uke didn't fall violently enough, but all that is completely irrelevent. This demonstration was paced just right. Check out tori's freedom and fluidity and continuity of movement while on his knees. This is not easy to develop.
Again, bravo and congratulations! Y'all ought to hop by his blog and congratulate him.

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  1. Thank you very much. Yeah, the demo was a bit slow. It does speed up a bit as I moved into variations, jiyu waza, and randori.

    Would you believe I was wearing knee pads? They do take getting used to, particularly when they're new. But they have saved my knees many times while taking ukemi.

    Thanks again!


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