Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rhadi Ferguson's Judo Success Secrets

Ok, so maybe I am selling Rhadi stuff. Just a little bit. Rhadi Ferguson saw some articles I wrote on him a while back and sent me a review copy of his Judo Success Secrets Professional Package. I have to say, it's outstanding material. Seven DVDs, some bonus material, and several teleconference CDs with accompanying transcription books. The video material is good - I'll have to go back and watch it several times to see what I've missed - but the audio CDs are a real GOLDMINE of information.
Rhadi has his detractors. Folks say he doesn't do "real" judo, that he's just a poor wrestler (phooey). I haven't heard it, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone thinks he only knows competitive sport judo (phooey) and not 'classic' judo or 'self-defense' judo or that he's not interested in the little man (phooey). From the DVDs and especially the CDs in this package, it is apparent that he knows a lot more than just how to do pickups on a 220 pound guys (which he does spectacularly, by the way). The videos and audios are a wonderful mix of judo coaching (strategic - not technical), business coaching, and life coaching. The information is easily applicable to sport judo clubs as well as classic judo clubs, local grassroots clubs, and even personal trainers doing one-on-one consultations. Some of the best info in the package is advice on lesson planning for grassroots clubs.
Of course, from my experience and perspective I don't agree with or choose to practice 100% of what he says, but that doesn't lessen the value of this educational package. The surest way to know that you're doing wrong is to have everybody agree with you, and it's also been said that when everybody thinks the same thing nobody is really thinking at all. Rhadi even discusses on the DVDs that you can't do something noble and great if you just do the same things everyone is doing. So, despite his vast experience, I would choose to disagree with his assertion that gripfighting is central to good judo. But that's a topic for another post (or book, or series of videos) and he has sure gotten a heck of a lot of mileage out of that paradigm.
I would highly recommend checking out some of Rhadi Ferguson's educational videos and teleconferences. You can find them at - and there's a bonus. You can sign up for some free weekly email newsletters, the first of which I got this week and it was very good info - and FREE!

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