Thursday, October 18, 2007

Was that chad hanging or dimpled?

This is worse than the 2000 presidential election! Google's polling tool dumped about 20 of the votes in the poll. Why can't Google's tools (i.e. Google Video and Polls widget) work properly with Google's Blogger??? I know - I'll get some advise to jump over to Wordpress or some such, but Google looks at first glance to be more intuitive and I've also seen blogs that have died because of inability to transfer archives from one platform to another.
Anyway, the question was whether or not to move the Quote bar to the top of the page. Votes were generally running in the affirmative, with negative and apathetic responses in a vast minority. From the first two days of the poll it looks like a clear win, but I haven't counted dangling chads or had the poll observers release their minority reports, etc...
The real test for the quote bar is whether it improves my traffic. For the past couple of weeks it has improved my traffic immensely, so I guess I'll try it at the top and see if that continues. If you like interesting martial arts quotes, refresh your browser screen for a new one...

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