Thursday, November 15, 2007

Excellent BJJ rank test video

I like to classify judo and BJJ in my mind as brand names of the same thing, but the BJJ guys (and the judo guys to a lesser extent) like to separate the two in a kind of brand differentiation scheme to add value to what they teach.
Does this mean that I, as a judo guy, know everything that a BJJ guy has to offer? No. I'm sure that a lot of BJJ guys can beat me up or teach a circle around me. That doesn't change the fact that the two systems are derived from the same old arts and are currently more alike than different. That doesn't reduce the value of anybody's teachings.
But for the judo folks that like to dismiss BJJ, check out this video. I'd say that to be able to write off BJJ as irrelevant to your training then you should be able to honestly say you can understand, do, and counteract much of what this non-black-belt BJJ guy is demonstrating. I certainly see some lessons in there for myself and my students.

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  1. I having trained in BJJ and worked with high-ranking Judo students, I think that though they have the same roots, there are important distinctions between the two arts. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has evolved to create a more highly developed ground game. On the other hand, Judo, the rules of which keep competitors on their feet much more than that of BJJ, focuses much more on throwing and takedown strategies. Both are fairly similar arts though, and their competition rules reflect that focal points of the individual arts.

    Lori O'Connell


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