Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall 2007 Starkville workout

Ok, I'm back from teaching at Starkville this weekend. I think we all had fun - I know I had a blast. Over the next several posts I figure to review some of the stuff we worked on, including:
  • Ping, roll the ball, and brushoff as a way out of an awkward position
  • Contact improv as a way to introduce randori
  • Sidestep at the end of the line
  • "Stay off me" hands - also known as ki hands
  • Metsuke laser vision
  • Aikido as a pure force avoidance art
  • Variations in walking tempo
  • Ways to slow uke down to a manageable pace
  • The judo groundwork cycle
Y'all that were there, which of these things did y'all get the most out of? What do y'all think you need some more explanation on?

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