Thursday, November 15, 2007

Left-right and hineri-gaeshi loops

Aiki with Patrick M., Kel, and Jill

  • Ukemi emphasizing using ab muscles to control momentum into the ground so that you can stop more gently or roll to standing more smoothly.

  • Walking exercise emphasizing pulling with the lead foot to snap your recovery step back under your hips. Also emphasized brushing the inside of the sphere on the turns.

  • All 8 releases in kata mode.

  • My brain skipped a track on the releases and we ended up doing part of release#4 when I said, "Ok, here's release#2." It worked out and we got the lesson I'd intended anyway. We emphasized stay-off-me hands and moving with uke in the left-right and gaeshi-hineri loops related to release #4.

  • Junana version of kote hineri emphasizing stepping aside at the end of the line and moving the body to make the hands conform in the right shape without ever losing your stay-off-me hands.

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