Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Metsuke and stay-off-me hands

Tonight Jill and I reviewed some of the cool stuf that she missed at the seminar this past weekend. We worked on tegatana a couple of times, first half of hanasu several times, second half of hanasu a couple of times, then moved into chain #2 including techniques like kotetaoshi, gyakugamaeate, and gedanate. We got to discuss and work on slowing the conflict down through proper eye contact and we worked on using the "stay off me" hands to continually brush off and roll the ball right in the centerline (we called this "crazy man randori" at the seminar). We transitioned into randori naming the releases and from there into plain, old randori. It was a good night.


  1. Wish I could put all those terms into context somehow...lol :-) Sounds like you had some sort of fun anyway.

  2. Alas :-) That is an old problem with this blog - how to use the right amount of aiki-jargon.

    Check out the vocabulary post at the top of the sidebar to the left for a little bit of help on that. I'll be glad to 'splain any of it that you're dying to know about, but this particular post, as a training log, probably doesn't have much value to anyone but me and maybe my students.

    Sounds like you got the gist of the meaning out of it anyway - we had fun doing aikido. ;-)


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