Saturday, November 17, 2007

November kohaku shiai

Today we had ur five-event shiai for the month. We had some of the same games as last time and a couple of new events. The five events included crab war, two-belt tugs, crawling man, Amazon wrestling, and newaza randori for 3-second pins. This month's club champions were:
  • 1st place - Mason Alford (10 wins)
  • 2nd place - Knox Parker (6 wins)
  • 3rd place - Gavin Jarrell (3 wins)
I was especially pleased that 2-3 of the kids got the hang of tapping out of trouble. For the past couple of months we've had occasional bickering, whinking, and hurt feelings because someone would smear their partner and the partner was frustrated because he couldn't figure out how to get out. Today they were trying and fighting hard but they were also intelligently using tapping-out to avoid that frustrated feeling. Progress. They are also learning good ukemi, as evidenced by Mason launching Whit into a great back fall with a single leg pick - and not getting Whit's brains spread all over the mat. Progress.
The kids have the most fun and get the most competition time doing crawling man and Amazon wrestling, So I figure to work on skills related to these two games for the next month. At each class I want to especially work on the following with everyone, but especially Whit and Emma:
  • Japanese pass into side or rear bearhug
  • osotogari into kesagatame
  • crossface turnover into munegatame

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