Saturday, November 03, 2007

TDA Training in da Dojo!

I saw that Pat had left the dojo, noticed that he left the door ajar, and slipped in!

Nathan here, from TDA Training. Pat's been so kind as to invite me to do whatever it is I do here at Mokuren Dojo, and I was honored to accept. It was short notice, and I've been giving thought to what to post ever since I got the invite late Thursday night, and come up with a few ideas. I'd thought about trying to post in Pat's area of expertise, but realized that you'd see through me right away, as I don't have the depth of knowledge that Pat makes apparent in every post.

I could just post a video of me singing, a la BBM, but I don't want to destroy the house that Pat's build over a year in just one weekend, and hurt many, many people in the process. TDA Training isn't about hurting people unnecessarily, either. So what shall I post? Check back later today to find out!


  1. I bet a Nathan Teodoro music video would go over big here! Are you taking requests? How about a Johnny Cash tune?

  2. Hi Patrick. I just noticed this comment! Uh, I do have an elvis mask. Cash is one of my favorites, though, along with Roy Orbison and Patsy. Are you a fan? I do karaoke, so that may happen someday. Maybe. Possibly. :-)


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