Saturday, December 08, 2007

At the age of seven, a Spartan boy is taken...

This is an interseting videoblog from Steven Morris NHB on the subject of Emergency Mindset, the mental and hormonal state prerequisite to handling an emergency or a violent encounter. Good stuff, but a lot of it. I'm still working my way through it. Among other things it deals with how to train a child to deal with violence without abusing them or doing the Spartan thing. Reminds me of a judo competitor who said he had to inoculate himself with the "your arm is your problem" mindset - sort of get rid of compassion for the other guy.


  1. I just noticed your dojo symbol isn't anywhere on your blog.

  2. Now that you mention it, John, I need somebody with some graphic design experience (a real live artiste) to build me a 728x90 leaderboard banner for Mokuren Dojo.

    I was thinking of something with a Japanese Magnolia-type motif and some coloration to tie it into the browns of my blog template. It moght even incorporate the aiki inyo logo that youre talking about.

    Know anyone who fits the bill, John? Anyone over whom you might have some influence? Someone who might feel like she owes me a little favor in exchange for a couple of judo classes?


  3. I'm tapping! I'm tapping! you don't have to twist the arm so hard, I'll ask Beleek if she'd be interested :)


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