Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carnival of Martial Arts Blogs

Carnival of Martial Arts #4 has just been posted at TDA Training with a host of great articles. I particularly like the movie trailer for Bacon Samurai. Check it out!
Carnival of Martial Arts #5 will be hosted at Mokuren Dojo, and I wanted to try a new little twist. Carnival #5 will be a “Warriors for peace and justice” themed issue to coordinate with the observance of MLK day in the United States. .

There has already been a great deal of discussion in the martial arts blogosphere related to the concept of warriors in general, and in particular, the Peaceful Warrior concept. I know nearly everybody out there has an opinion on issues related to MLK, Gandhi, social justice, peaceful warriors, civil disobedience, and the like.
So come on and submit your related articles (old or new) for inclusion in the January 2008 Carnival of Martial Arts Blogs.

CLICK HERE to submit a post.
Submission Deadline: January 19, 2008
Carnival Posting: January 21, 2008

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