Friday, December 21, 2007

Fred Ettish

This is remarkable. I've always wondered what ever became of those poor traditional karate guys that got smeared so badly in the first UFCs. Then I stumbled across the following - a series of posts by Fred Ettish, Okinawan karateka from Minnesota (I think) who lost in UFC 2, about his life since then.


  1. Very, very interesting read. Thanks Patrick.

    It would be cool to see an event, maybe once a year, where a respected org of each TMA is invited to attend and put forward select athletes for competition. This could be a MMA-style freeform fighting event or it could be like the TMA olympics, which would include the NHB fighting in addition to other events.

    IMO it's a good idea to start giving developing martial artists a different target to aim for...something that doesn't chew people up and spit them out so some couch potatoes can have entertainment, yet something that encourages participation by a variety of groups.

    Maybe there's something like this already?

  2. I saw the fight. He shouldn't have been shamed by it. It wasn't a real life self defense situation, and with the cameras and crowd anyone would get rattled. Yes, he took a beating, but he didn't quit. Even when it was obvious he lost, he stayed in a lot longer than I would have. I think it's ashame they didn't let him come back for a second chance.


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