Thursday, December 20, 2007

Improvement on osotogari and kesagatame

Judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, Knox, Emma, and Quin
  • warmups, running, ukemi
  • kneeling kubinage into kesagatame - most were doing much better on getting into kesagatame
  • uphill escape from kesagatame - this is the first time they'd seen it and most of them did pretty good. This will give them incentive to get better at kesagatame, which wil in turn, give them incintive to get better at uphill escape and to learn more escaping actions. A cool feedback loop.
  • osotogari - all were improved and we worked on uke's falling action - making sure the butt hits first and slapping instead of putting arms down. We also wlrked on supporting uke by pulling up with both hands on one arm and moving in beside the chest as uke falls. The 6+ year olds were grtting this action pretty good.
Aiki with Kel
  • warmups, tegatana (worked on some hand motions), hanasu (kinda off tonight)
  • Chain #2, including maeotoshi, over-the-shoulder straight armbar, shihonage, aikinage, sumiotoshi, and tenkai kotehineri
  • This transitioned into randori. Kel was doing well tonight.

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