Saturday, December 29, 2007

The last Promote Three of 2007

At the end of each month I do this Promote Three feature, sending a little link-love out to three blogs that I enjoy and that I think all my readers should check out. There are so many truly great martial arts blogs from which to choose, but I limit myself to three, and I think the following three blogs deserve honors, traffic, and link-love greater than they are getting:
Mark Cook’s Bunkai Blog is a nice look at various interpretations of various movements found in karate forms. Some innovative interpretations, but the really fun part of this blog is the cartoon explanation of the moves. A lot of times you can get a lot more relevant information with a lot less extraneous noise in a line drawing than in a photo or even in a video.
Marks Chat is another very interesting martial arts blog. I enjoy the eclectic and wide-ranging topics and the short-but informative posts. Definitely one to subscribe to or keep on your blog roll so that you can stop by regularly and see what he’s talking about now.
And last but not least, the anonymous AikiLass at So you want to start Aikido bills her blog as “first hand knowledge of what it is like to step into the dojo for the first time as a complete beginner.’ But AikiLass had better watch out – two years into her training and having recently passed her Sankyu rank, she’s not exactly wet behind the ears anymore.

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  1. Hi

    Thank you for promoting my blog using your 'Promote Three Theme'. Yes, I guess I'm not a complete beginner anymore! :)

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