Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolution: Coming out of retirement

Well, it’s time again to think about New Year’s resolutions and I’ve got one that has been eating at me for a while. I am going to work up to competing in judo tournaments again. My wife has agitated ever since I’ve known her to see me compete because my competition era was pre-Elise. I also want to do it to improve myself in preparation for coaching my kids in judo competitions and because…well… just to see if I still can.
Here goes:
I will compete in at least 2 local or regional level judo tournaments in 2008.
I will ramp up my fitness program so that I can do…
… treadmill for 45 minutes at 10 METS
… jump rope at 100RPM for 10 minutes
…100 pushups smoothly and continuously
…100 lat pulls smoothly and continuously
…100 crunches smoothly and continuously
…100 squat-thrusts smoothly and continuously
Anyone out there want to do this with me? Anybody up for a challenge?
Don't forget the Call for Submissions for Carnival #5.


  1. I would, but right now it's all leg lifts all the time. Maybe next year. ;-)

  2. In my own way I already am.


    I especially respect this reason:

    "well… just to see if I still can.."

    Regardless, it will be interesting to read about your progress.

    Best of luck!


  3. I don't know about the treadmill, but I'm with you on the rest. I want to attempt to compete at least once this year myself. Make sure to keep us all posted on your progress.

  4. I'm ramping up for a tournament in February. My goal is to make three to four classes each week including the competition classes every Sunday. If I do this, I'm confident that I will be up for the calisthenics part of the resolution. I just picked up two jump ropes, one for my daughter and one for me. We are going to jump rope for ten minutes every day and then stretch.

    This challenge is very much in line with my own goal for 2008, so you can count me in. :)

  5. I'm not going to be competing again. Might do a little bogu kumite at a seminar, but that's about it.

    All I want out of life is to be able to hit sensitive targets like a man swinging an anvil on a chain. Is that too much to ask?

  6. Lat pulls for 100 reps sounds like a good cardio workout. Maybe that's what you're shooting for, but if you're looking for a good routine to build your lat strength (which would definitely come in handy for a judo match) I'd go with bodyweight chin-ups. They're tough, but they'll make you as strong as an ox. Good luck!

  7. The lat pulls i'm talking about are really chinups from a prone plank position. roughly the opposite of a pushup. lie on your back and use your core to stiffen yourself into a plank then pull your upper body off the ground with a rope hooked to the ceiling. it is a lat workout against roughly 2/3 body weight.

    chinups would be a good one - but I can't do _any_ chinups, whereas I can do lat pulls on a rope against most of my body weight.

  8. We did a circuit at class on Sunday that I'm still feeling. Five times through the following:

    1: slow lunges with 20 lbs dumbbells to the other side of the mat.
    2: x10 military press with the dumbbells.
    3: lunges back.
    4: x10 pushups.
    5: sprinting down and back with a heavy bag.
    6: x10 pushups onto a basketball sized ball, where one hand is on the ground and the other on the ball. Push up and over so the other hand lands on the ball. Back and forth, 5 each side.
    7: x10 lat pullups on hanging ropes . We have two ropes, so you hang onto both and pull up from plank position.

    The first time through didn't feel so bad, but by the end of the third, I was pretty well worn out.

  9. Hey! It only just now dawned on me that you hadn't said anything about suburi! I woulda thought you'd be all over that like birds on a junebug...

  10. yeah, suburi is okay (especially with a sledgehammer) but i was thinking more judo specific. push, pull, abs, some aerobic endurance (tread) and some plyometrics (jumprope). That's a pretty minimal judo conditioning program.

    I'd considered uchikomi-but i just can't stand that mode of practice. I'd rather take 100 falls than do 100 uchikomi (and falling repeatedly is good conditioning too).

    speaking of which, I'm working on implementing a joshi judo section at mokuren where the ladies get to come and throw the men around so it ends up being a judo class for women and an ukemi/conditioning class for men.

  11. Hi Patrick.
    Glad you like my blog. Sounds like we have somewhat similar goals - though you're probably a few steps ahead of me. We have almost 0 Judo Shiai in Indiana any more, but if the stars align I'd like to compete in at least one BJJ tournament this year.


  12. WOw! Pat the competitor... Looks like alot of Judo training to be logged in the future. I will see you at class tomorrow.

  13. I'll come visit you in the hospital. ;)

    I don't think I ever want to step out on the competition mat again. I haven't a competitive bone in my body and for all of the great guys I met and even competed against, I hate all the @$$holes competition creates even more. I'd love to get back into judo, but strictly in the dojo.

    Hey...maybe you and Kirby will find a match and square off! That would be cool!

    Seriously, good luck and best wishes! I hope you achieve your goal(s).


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