Monday, December 17, 2007

Parkers do judo

Judo with Whit, Knox, and Quin
  • ROM and warmups: running, tornado twisters, smashing pumpkins, etc...
  • ukemi: rocking&slapping, teguruma with me as spotter interspersed with more running
  • newaza: crossface far knee tap turnover to mune
  • tachiwaza: osotogari emphasizing kicking knee-to-knee and helping uke to land properly. Whit hammered Quin once. We'll have to work on falling better as well as showing tori how to help uke better.
  • newaza: kneeling kubinage into kesagatame. This seems to be the best way to get kids to actually do kesagatame.
  • Below is a technique that Knox spontaneously invented tonight - nose gatame - submission by nose honking!

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  1. The nose honk is devistating. I like the family picture.


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