Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pink elephants

Aiki with Kel and Jill
  • tegatana emphasizing balls of the feet. Have you ever tried to not think about pink elephants? Trying not to turn the ankles out in tegatana is the same thing. It works better to concentrate on something positive, like bearing weight on the medial two toes - the long levers of the foot.
  • hanasu emphasizing pushing forward, centered, same-hand-same-foot especially on #1 and #3
  • chain #2, including kotetaoshi, maeotoshi, hikitaoshi, sumiotoshi, and ushiroate.
  • ushiroate from nijusan as well as some interesting variants including short-guy hipbone ushiro, a wrestling-like kneecap and waist ushiro, and an eyeball and far shoulder ushiro.

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