Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pizza trumps aiki

Judo with Rob
  • warmup with ground cycle followed by several rounds of newaza randori. Rob beat me up pretty badly tonight.
  • standing repetitions of ouchigari, working on the fundamental teaching variation as well as a couple of variants (wrong leg and wrong direction ouchi). We worked this into the ground, working on going to the ground with uke and smoothly passing from between the legs to a side position.
Aiki with Rob
  • Sankata, several repetitions of all suwariwaza and hammihandachi moving into the first two standing waza. I really enjoyed kaitennage tonight.
Aiki with Kel
  • tegatana emphasizing the goofy-foot half, especially hipswitch and polish the mirror.
  • a couple of repetitions of hanasu, emphasizing starting out same-hand-same-foot.
  • chain #10 playing with some things out of gokata.
Pizza and beer with Elise, Nikki, Rob, and Kel

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