Thursday, December 06, 2007

Re-setting hyperactive reflexes

Aiki with Kel and Jill
  • ukemi, including the sideturning and back-turning rolls
  • tegatana emphasizing hipswitch and polish the mirror
  • hanasu emphasizing centering on the active hand in the end of each move - especially #2 and #4
  • chain #1 working on pinging and strolling. I am always amazed how the stuff that starts off clumsy in this exercise ends up smooth and powerful by the end of the session. It isn't so much like learning something as re-setting hyperactive reflexes or re-calibrating one's intention. These chains are amazing.
  • aigameate and ushiroate at the end of class. Ushiroate was clumsy until I told them to think about brushing off or pushing themselves off of uke instead of trying to whip uke into the ground. Then all of a sudden it was ushiroate.

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